About Me



Current situation: Postdoctoral fellow, somewhere in the field of medical genetics

RPGs that I have beaten: Many games, including games from the Breath of Fire, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Grandia, Kingdom Hearts, Legaia, Lufia, Lunar, Mana, Persona, Star Ocean, Suikoden, Tales of, Valkyrie Profile, Wild ARMs, Xeno-, and Ys series. Check my backloggery for better details.

(Some of my) Favorite Video Game Music Composers: Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoko Shimomura, Nobuo Uematsu

(Some of my) Favorite Video Game Soundtracks: Ar tonelico 2, Chrono Cross, Legend of Mana, NieR, Xenoblade, Xenogears

Other Music: Some of my favorite bands include Our Lady Peace, Thrice, Mae, Cartel, and Anberlin.