Website Description
The Ultimate Nobuo Uematsu Fan Page!!! Final Fantasy sheet music
Piano Squall This isn't a sheet music site…but it's a site where two people perform game music at conventions around the country. They perform works from a multitude of games and even cosplay. Check their site out!
Ichigo's Sheet Music Site Anime and Game sheet music with arrangements for many different instruments. They accept submissions.
Ninty Fresh A site with nintendo game sheet musics including some RPGs like Tales of Symphonia and Lufia series.
Game Music Affiliates Links to videogame sheet music sites and a place where you can also make requests. Might be useful especially if I'm being too slow with updates.
Diricos Sheet Music Another videogame sheet music site with a lot of RPG sheet music with sheets from Chrono Trigger Final Fantasy series Zelda series and Super Mario RPG.
Ninsheet Music Sheet music for Nintendo games. You can submit here if you like.
Delidongo's Transcription I actually found this when I wondered if any Grandia III sheet music had been arranged. A eclectic set of videogame and anime transcriptions with some from rather "rare" games.
ApolloMix A huge archive of videogame and anime sheet music for piano.